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Established in 2011, the Ontario Council on Articulation and Transfer (ONCAT) was created to enhance academic pathways and reduce barriers for students looking to transfer among Ontario’s public colleges, universities, and Indigenous Institutes.

Alongside our members and stakeholders, we do this by:

  • Developing and maintaining the student-facing website ONTransfer.ca, used to connect current and prospective students to transfer opportunities;
  • Supporting and funding academic projects aimed at creating and expanding credit transfer pathways and improving our understanding of student mobility and the student transfer experience;
  • Engaging Ontario’s regions and communities through facilitated groups;
  • Collecting credit transfer data and sharing resources; and
  • Hosting events that bring together credit transfer experts from across the province.

Your transfer experience and opinions can help! Want to be a part of our student mobility projects? Explore the links below:

About ONTransfer.ca

ONTransfer.ca provides students with information on how credits may transfer among postsecondary programs in publicly funded Ontario colleges, universities, and Indigenous Institutes.

If you are a postsecondary student or graduate, you can search for pathway transfers or course-to-course transfers using ONTransfer.ca.

Pathway Transfer (Program Search)

Start with the credential you have attained, the credential you want to earn, where you are interested in transferring to, and keywords for programs you are interested in.

Search through your pathway options, select those you want to explore, and choose “View Details” for a side-by-side comparison, including pathway eligibility, transfer credit requirements, and credits you may be granted when choosing that program pathway.

Let us help you search for what you need in our workshop.

Search Transfers From College

Search Transfers From University

Course-to-Course Transfer

Using your transcript or grade report, enter your institution, course title, and grade (or predicted grade) to see what credit/course may be granted at another Ontario institution and could be applied towards your transfer program.

Let us help you search for what you need in our workshop.

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Fast Facts​

  • In this last academic year (2019–20):
    • 7% of students in Ontario were university transfers - that's 27,200 students!
    • 2% of students in Ontario were college transfers - that's 22,400 students!
  • Did you know that you can transfer in four different directions?
    • University-to-College
    • College-to-University
    • University-to-University
    • College-to-College

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